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Ring of Odin

Ring of Odin


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Ring of Odin

Wield the mighty power of Odin’s most treasured possession, his magical Ring, Draupnir. With the magical ability to duplicate itself, use it to find your fortune in Ring of Odin!

Ring of Odin is the latest Play’n GO 5x3 slot, based around the Nordic mythology and, in particular, the mythology of Odin.

All of the game’s symbols are represented by different icons and figures from Odin’s life. These are Gungnir, the magical spear of Odin; Sleipnir, his eight-legged horse; Huginn and Muninn, his messenger Ravens and Geri and Freki, his Wolf guards. The rest of the symbols are in the form of runestones.

Odin himself is the Wild for this game, and he will substitute for any symbol (excluding the Scatter) on the reels to help you to create more winning combinations on the game’s ten paylines.

The game’s Scatter is Odin’s all-seeing eye, which you will use to trigger the free spins feature.

The game has three fantastic special features for you to enjoy; Odin’s Ring, Draupnir Re-Spins and Foresight Free Spins.

Odin’s Ring

During any spin, the Ring can appear in the centre of the grid as the reels are spinning. Once the reels stop spinning, the symbol that lands within the Ring shall become the ‘chosen symbol’, and you’ll be awarded a single re-spin.

During the re-spin Odin’s Ring will use its power to multiply into 9 Rings, covering the middle three reels. Once the reels have stopped, you’ll be awarded your standard wins, and a re-spin will be awarded for any chosen symbols that land inside the rings, triggering Drupnir Re-Spins! If no symbols land inside the Rings, then the feature is over.

Draupnir Re-Spins

If any chosen symbols land in the 9 Rings during Odin’s Ring, you’ll get a re-spin for each time the symbol appears inside a ring (up to nine re-spins). Once a re-spin starts spinning the chosen symbol will be duplicated into a MEGA SYMBOL consisting of nine identical 1x1 symbols and stick on the middle three reels until all re-spins have spun.

If the Scatter symbol becomes the chosen symbol during the base game then, if it lands in any of the 9 Rings, you will trigger the Foresight Free Spins feature. The number of Scatters that land in the Rings will then become the multiplier value that is used during free spins, up to 9x multiplier!

Foresight Free Spins

Foresight Free Spins can be triggered in two different ways during the game. Either by landing the Scatter in the 9 Rings as a chosen symbol during Draupnir Re-Spins (as above) or by landing three Scatters on reels 1, 3 and 5 in a single spin.

Once triggered, four free spins you will win four free spins and, during Foresight Free-Spins, Odin’s Ring will activate on every single spin! For every Scatter that you land during Free Spins, you’ll get an additional free spin!

Join the great god Odin and seek mighty riches in Odin’s Ring!


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