Mystery Mission - To The Moon

Mystery Mission - To The Moon

Push Gaming

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Mystery Mission - To The Moon

The Mystery Series continues, and this time, we are rocketing to the moon!

Explore the outer reaches of the galaxy on your quest to build a library of galactic treasures and technologies! Be warned, your ship is being stalked by a deadly force from deep space…

Land Instant Prize Symbols along your expedition, collecting strange artefacts and new elements for your museum. You may meet allies like the Robot or your fellow Astronaut, but beware of the Golden Martian, who serves a much more menacing opponent… The Mystery Martian!

Why we made this game

  • The success of Mystery Museum and the positive reaction to the mechanics inspired us to build on the thrill and massive win potential of the Mystery Stacks. Instead of stripping back we decided to give players a new twist on the same mechanic, building on the Mystery Stacks by giving players more to look forward to and even higher win potential.

  • In the theme of building on the best parts of Mystery Museum, we've also expanded the reels from 5x3 to 6x4, ramping up the volatility and win potential.

  • We've continued to grow the win potential in Mystery Mission - To The Moon by introducing the re-trigger to the Free Games Feature, which grants players an additional spin for every Mystery Stack that lands. The potential skyrockets with the introduction of the Super High Paying Symbol, which keeps all other symbols, making for a well-balanced game that has an even bigger prize to hunt for.

  • Ante Bet is an addition we're really proud of, and a first for Push Gaming. By betting an additional 20% on top of their base bet, players will have a higher chance of triggering the Free Games Feature and getting instant wins via the Wild Moon Symbol with their base bet. We think this feature gives players more room to play their way and find exciting new ways to win.


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