Rat King

Rat King

Push Gaming

Playing time: 00:00:00

Min. Bet
Max. Bet
7 of a kind

Rat King

Get retro with Rat King!

When the lights go out at the sweet factory, Rat King rules! Experience a retro adventure with a companion who knows all the secrets of the sweet factory.

Why we made this game

  • We were excited by the idea of exploring retro video games and capturing that nostalgic feeling into a fun and enjoyable slot experience.

  • This is Push Gaming’s first ever ‘pay anywhere’ game, which is a very popular mechanic in the market. During our research we have seen how attracted players are to this style of pay and wanted to give them an exciting twist with the look and feel of a retro bit game straight out of the 80s.

  • We have also added the progressive element to the Free Spins Feature. This works differently to the way players will have experienced increasing multipliers in our other titles. In Rat King, we’ve given players the addition to chase massive wins using the Star Symbol multiplier in conjunction with the Rat King Symbol to keep the spins going and stacking up the multiplier as the spins progress. It’s a really fun take on a familiar mechanic which gives Rat King a really unique feel.


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